Flores y Cicatrices

After having to find new ways of movement and inhabiting the same place differently in mandatory confinement due to COVID 19, I injured my knee and ended up with two screws on my leg. The surgery made me lose the ability to walk for a few months so I started documenting my healing process with my camera and the scanner that I used from bed with things that were in my reach.

This project is about being able to create new spaces, even fictional ones that make us stay alive, to be able to breathe and walk at your own pace, even standing still in a society where we are always in a hurry.

“If it be difficult to discover among the great laws that oppress us that which weighs heaviest upon our shoulders, in the case of the plant there is no doubt : it is the law that condemns it to immobility from its birth to its death.Therefore it knows better than we, who disseminate our efforts, against what first to rise in rebellion.”

 Maeterlinck, M. ( 1907) The intelligence of the flowers. New York : Dodd, Mead.

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Flores y Cicatrices